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What is the Défi Sollio? 

Now that health restrictions are being lifted across the province, it is important to resume an active lifestyle. The Défi Sollio is a brand new sports challenge for employees of cooperatives, divisions and the parent company, aimed at moving for a good cause by accumulating kilometers.

This challenge is done on an individual basis and encourages participation rather than performance. Whether it's running, walking, biking, swimming, or skateboarding, all activities that can be measured in kilometres and that can be done indoors or outdoors are accepted.


Are you ready to take the challenge?   

Steps to follow to participate:  

  1. Create your participant profile by clicking on the "Participate" button at the top of the screen. In your profile, mention why you are committing to a challenge and in the appropriate section specify your chosen activity and the number of kilometers you have set as your goal.

  2. From June 28 until the end of the challenge, raise funds for the From Us to You campaign. Mobilize your family, colleagues and friends to support you in achieving your goal. By clicking on "Donate", you can choose the person to support or simply donate to the cause.   
    * A minimum collection of $100 per participant is required. You will be able to follow the progress of your collection by logging into the platform and going to the My Profile tab. 

  3. Challenge your colleagues and leaders! Simply log in and go to your Profile, then in the Manage My Profile section, send a message containing the personalized challenge you have chosen to a designated person.  

  4. During the month of August, you will receive a T-shirt with the Défi Sollio logo, which you must pick up at your cooperative or division when the time comes. Wear it on your sports outings and send us photos or selfies of yourself in action to

  5. From September 1st to 30th, accumulate kilometers. We suggest you use a mobile app (several apps are available for free for Android and iPhone. For example, MapMyFitness by Under Armour or Strava). Then enter the number of kilometers covered in the platform.
    It is your responsibility to ensure the accounting and entry. To do this, you simply have to connect and go to the tab My profile. You can then enter the number of kilometers in the space provided. These will be added to your personal counter.   

  6. Has your cooperative or division been challenged? During the month of September, follow the News section to find out the progress of the challenges in progress and see if they will be completed. Also visit the Participants section to see if your colleagues' individual challenges have been completed