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Specializing in diverse vegetable production, with about sixty varieties of sprouts, the Ferme du Vert Mouton considers itself a local business. The owners, Donald Dubé and Laurence Fisher, are two biologists who, less than ten years ago, fulfilled their dream to have their own farm. The farm is located in Saint-Valérien-de-Rimouski, and the owners plan to eventually add organic lamb production to their vegetable business. All of the farm’s products are certified organic, and it supplies about ten restaurants in the area, including that of award-winning chef Colombe St-Pierre. “Colombe uses our sprouts not only to decorate her plates, but also as an integral part of her side dishes,” says Donald. “It allows people to discover our products, and that makes us proud.” The farm has products that are found in few other places, such as kale, pink radish, fenugreek, daikon, buckwheat, and sunflower sprouts. All of its products are authentic. “People tell us that it tastes like food from the past, like what consumers ate when they were young. What we offer cannot be found anywhere else. It’s unique.” The farm’s products are available in farmers’ markets in Rimouski.

Ferme du Vert Mouton

The Ferme du Vert Mouton is a member of La Coop Purdel.

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