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You don’t need to go far into the countryside to taste vinicultural products. Nestled between a country setting and city life, five minutes from downtown Sherbrooke, La Halte des Pèlerins is a haven for indulging in gourmet pleasures. Built on uncultivated land in 1998, the vineyard opened its doors to the public ten years later. “We started from scratch,” recalls owner Marco Corbin. “It was a combination of circumstances. I’ve always felt a calling to cultivate the land. My maternal grandfather had an orchard, so I knew what this life was like when I was younger. I was born in the countryside. For me, it’s natural.” With ten different products and a production of about 40,000 bottles per year sold by the SAQ and at about forty points of sale, the business has had to evolve and innovate in a booming field. La Halte is among the first Quebec vineyards to obtain a Protected Geographical Indication and Quebec certification for its wines. “Making wine in Quebec is not a monumental challenge. The choice of location and grape varieties ensures our success.”

La Halte des Pèlerins Vineyard

La Halte des Pèlerins vineyard is a member of Vivaco Groupe coopératif.

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