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Donations and Sponsorships

The contributions we make to the communities in which we operate and the support we offer employees in selecting our donations and sponsorships are important to us.

Sponsorship objectives

The initiatives that we support must meet one of the following objectives: 

  • Increase the visibility of La Coop fédérée and its network 
  • Promote the values of the cooperative movement 
  • Support and promote the agriculture community 
  • Support the communities in which La Coop fédérée operates 
  • Support and promote education and healthy lifestyles 


Requests for sponsorship with the following characteristics are not eligible for the La Coop fédérée donation and sponsorship program:

  • Political parties
  • Pressure and advocacy groups Religious groups
  • Private companies
  • Educational institutions, with the exception of those offering agriculture and agri-food training programs
  • Social clubs
  • Any organization or event that is inconsistent with La Coop fédérée’s mission and values or that creates a conflict of interest


Intervention channels

Our investment priorities form the basis of our donation and sponsorship program. They provide a framework for our contributions and allow us to support organizations, causes and events with which we share common goals. 

Agriculture and Agri-Food 
Sollio Cooperative Group’s primary mission is to feed the world. To this end, the cooperative helps drive agricultural development in sectors that have the greatest chances of succeeding, or better yet, of flourishing. It strives to promote a positive and dynamic view of rural agriculture. Sollio Cooperative Group prioritizes organizations, events and causes in vibrant, robust and/or promising agricultural and agri-food sectors.  

Sollio Cooperative Group wants to shine a spotlight on its uniqueness as a cooperative and encourage the success and development of the cooperative model through similar initiatives centred on its core values of honesty, equity, responsibility and solidarity.

Sollio Cooperative Group wishes to reach the public through initiatives with a social or community impact by prioritizing proposals that reflect the cooperative’s values and touch on issues related to our industry and/or in relation to our investment priorities

Next generation
Sollio Cooperative Group is working to ensure continuity for the next generation to secure a sustainable future. For this reason, the cooperative wishes to associate its brand image with organizations, events and causes that affect the next generation in the investment priorities and that raise awareness of nutritional education among the youth, from farm to table.

Corporate Responsibility (Sustainable Development and the Environment) 
Sollio Cooperative Group promotes responsible causes, organizations and events that demonstrate outstanding ethics and environmental philosophy. The cooperative therefore prioritizes initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainable development, local consumption and healthy lifestyles.  

Economic Development and Networking
Sollio Cooperative Group prioritizes events and initiatives that can help it achieve its objectives, build strong business relationships and support economic development and growth in its industry. 

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When should I send my sponsorship request?


Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the event.


How long should I allow for my request to be processed?


You can expect a response time of three to four weeks.


Can I find out more about the processing and assessment of my application?


Yes, you can send an e-mail to