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With the Sollio Next Generation Award we showcase producers who have successfully transferred or started a farm business while ensuring its sustainability and the equity of all stakeholders.


Farm Succession category

Application form

New Farm Enterprise category

Application form

Sollio Next Generation Award: Why participate?

Clients of Agromart, apply before April 1st 2024


Winner for the Farm Succession category 

  • $6,000 in credit at their local Agromart Retailer (young famers)
  • $3,000 in travel credit (previous generation)


Winner for the New Farm Enterprise category

  • $6,000 in credit at their local Agromart Retailer


Finalist for both categories

  • $2,500 in credit at their local Agromart Retailer

To be eligible for the Sollio Next Generation Award, under the Agromart Group customer profile, your enterprise must:



Step 1: Application

  • The farm’s representatives must complete the application form. 
    • All information will be taken into consideration in the judging panel’s evaluation 
    • It is important to fill out each section and provide as much detail as possible  
    • We recommend having the Agromart retailer that supports your nomination review your application before sending it in.
  • You must include a letter of recommendation signed by an Agromart representative listing the reasons why your farm deserves the award. 
    Your application must be received by April 1, 2024.


Step 2: Selection of semi-finalists

  • The judges will confidentially review all entries and select the semi-finalists. 
  • All semi-finalists will be visited by the judges for an interview.


Step 3: Selection of finalists and winners

  • Following the interviews, the judges will select the finalists.
  • The finalists will be visited by a reporter, a photographer and a videographer who will work on producing a video and an article to be featured in Cooperateur magazine, published by Sollio Cooperative Group, to share your story. The farm’s representatives will be asked to give their consent in accordance with our privacy policy at:
  • The representatives for the finalist farms will be invited to the Sollio Cooperative Group annual general meeting banquet in late February 2025, where the winners will be announced.