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By involving our members in the democratic process and creating a healthy and inclusive work environment, we cultivate equity. Our cooperatives contribute equitably to the common good, and we all reap the benefits of our efforts together.


  • Action plan for equitable representation of women in network governance, with 23% women directors in the network by 2022
  • $175,000 in patronage refunds in the last 5 years (2017-2022)
members, agricultural producers and consumers

We rely on strong governance to guide and implement our approach to corporate and cooperative responsibility.

Find out how our cooperative model will help us achieve our goals.

Board of directors of Sollio Cooperative Group

Based on the recommendations of the entities involved in the corporate responsibility process, directors and management teams are thus able to fulfill their due diligence and make informed decisions about improving the environmental performance of the business segments.

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Sustainable development and environmental compliance committee

Consisting of the President, four members of the Board of directors and the CEO, the committee meets approximately four times a year and recommends major orientations in sustainable development to the Board of directors.

Management committee

The Management committee makes informed decisions based on the major orientations determined by the Board of directors and with a view to improving the environmental performance of the various sectors of activity.

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Senior Vice-president, Public affairs, cooperation and corporate responsibility

He is mandated to transmit the orientations set forth by the directors. These are communicated to the Management committee as well as to the corporate responsibility and strategic project support teams. He also coordinates the entire corporate responsibility and cooperative approach within Sollio Cooperative Group.

Corporate responsibility committee

Coordinated by the Senior Vice-president, Public affairs, cooperation and corporate responsibility, this committee is composed of managers and employees from the three divisions as well as the parent company. It is responsible for reporting on the action plans of each of the divisions and of Sollio Cooperative Group. It also contributes to relevant strategic reflections and constitutes a platform for the exchange of best practices in sustainable development.

Corporate and cooperative responsibility support team

This team coordinates the entire corporate and cooperative responsibility approach of Sollio Cooperative Group and its many contributors.

Cooperation is more than our business model, it is a development model for the future and a way of life.
Our story
Sollio Cooperative Group is a resolutely forward-looking organization.