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Who does this policy apply to?

This Policy applies to anyone who communicates with Sollio or from whom we collect personal information by any means in the course of our operations. For more information, please refer to the section below that corresponds to your situation. The “General rules” section below applies as soon as you share your personal information with Sollio, regardless of your situation or the means of communication.

I am a user of this website (


This section deals with the privacy practices that apply exclusively to users of the website.

NB: To ensure you are well informed regarding the processing of personal information collected on other Sollio websites, please refer to the specific privacy policy for each Sollio website you visit.

If you have not already done so, please read this section of the Policy before using our website or providing us with personal information on in any way. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, we ask that you stop using this website ( and that you do not provide us with any personal information. We also recommend reviewing this Policy from time to time, as it can be changed or updated at our sole discretion.

Several forms are available on this site, such as:

  • Springboard for Agricultural Youth
  • Sollio Next Generation Award
  • AGM registration
  • Relève agricole program application


We ask you to provide us with personal information through various forms available online.

We may also ask you for personal information in connection with certain customizable tools and features, as well as surveys and contests that we may hold from time to time. You will always have the choice whether or not to participate in these contests and surveys and whether or not to provide your personal information in order to enjoy these features.

Table 1 details the ways we collect personal information, the purposes for which it is collected, and the types of personal information collected for such purposes.        

Table 1: Type of personal information collected

Purposes of collection (objectives)Means/points of collectionTypes of personal information (collected, created or inferred)

Browsing our website*

The information you provide while browsing our website that is necessary to:

  • Operate the website (always activated)
  • Improve the efficiency and performance of our website (if you agree)
  • Provide web content tailored to your preferences and interests (if you agree)
  • Support marketing and advertising (if you agree)


Use of web tracking technologies such as cookies and tracking pixels.


Information that the user’s browser automatically shares with our website on a regular basis, such as:

  • IP address
  • Language
  • Postal code
  • Data relating to preferences and website use 

Sollio Next Generation Award:

The information you provide is necessary to:

  • Identify you as an applicant and get in touch with you
  • Assess the eligibility of your application


Online form (filled out by you)


The information you provide when you fill out the form on our website, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Educational background
  • Age
  • Current role and responsibilities
  • Phone number
  • Province

Registration for Sollio’s Annual General Meeting (AGM):

The information you provide is necessary to:

  • Identify individuals who will attend the AGM
  • Communicate with those individuals about the event



Online form (filled out by you)


The information you provide when you fill out the form on our website, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Company name

Relève agricole program application:

The information you provide is necessary to:


  • Identify and contact applicants
  • Assess the eligibility of your application



Online form (filled out by you)


The information you provide when you fill out the form on our website, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of member cooperative
  • FRAQ (Fédération de la relève agricole du Québec) number
  • Name of Desjardins Business centre
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Educational background
  • Current role and responsibilities

Springboard for Agricultural Youth form:

  • To identify and contact applicants (personal information may also be used)


  • To assess the eligibility of your application


Online form (filled out by you)


The information you provide when you fill out forms on our website, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of member cooperative
  • FRAQ number
  • Name of Desjardins Business centre
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Educational background
  • Current role and responsibilities



Online browsing: Cookies and tracking technology  

As is common practice on websites, we use cookies that we own and the cookies of third parties (or similar) (commonly known as “first-party cookies” and “third-party cookies”), as well as similar technologies to track our users for profiling and identification purposes. Cookies are small data files containing alphanumeric characters that are stored on your computer and that identify your browser on an individual basis. We also sometimes use cookies in conjunction with web beacons to help us track how visitors browse our website.          

For more information about our practices relating to cookies, click here to go to the cookie management system and read this section.

A record of your visit to our website and your preferences is created using cookies, web beacons and similar tracking, profiling and identification technology on the website. This technology lets us know how our website is used and how it can be improved.

Using a notification, we inform you of the use of this technology in real time when you visit our website ( We give you the option of managing cookies in such a way that allows us to obtain express consent to activate these functions, which are deactivated by default (except for essential cookies).

Third-party cookies and demographic advertising targeting on other websites

The types of cookies listed in Table 2 may be third-party cookies. We may work with third-party advertising companies such as Google (Google Analytics and YouTube), Meta (Facebook Pixel), and LinkedIn, which collect and use information about your visits to our websites to show you advertising that may be of interest to you. However, Sollio Agriculture does not disclose any information that would allow these advertising companies to identify you. In short, a code in the cookie file allows you to be identified as a user but does not identify you using your personal information (first name, last name or address).

We may arrange for partners to install and use marketing and retargeting cookies on our site that share your preferences and interests with them in order to show you tailored advertising content at a later time. Retargeting is a marketing tactic that displays relevant content to a user who has already shown an interest in a product or service.

When you access a page on our website, whether directly or through an advertisement that redirects you there, a cookie is automatically created on your computer. We currently use web analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics and DoubleClick). External advertising servers may have access to this cookie. Our service providers may also need to collect your IP address or mobile device identifier when you visit a site. This information may constitute personal information in certain cases and may be transmitted and stored outside Québec on servers located in Canada or elsewhere, such as in the United States.

Sollio does not combine any information collected by these third parties with information we hold about you. Please note, however, that some providers may be required to disclose the data they collect to third parties if they are legally required to do so or wish to entrust the processing of data to third parties.

Table 2 provides further details on how Sollio uses cookies on the website.


Table 2 – Cookies that may be used on

Type of cookieReason for collection

Essential cookies – Mandatory

You cannot disable these cookies. However, they do not contain any personal information and are stored temporarily. You can set your browser to block these cookies.


- Allow you to browse our website

- Allow our website to be displayed in the language used by the browser

- Provide access to restricted user account areas

Functional cookies

You can disable these cookies.


- Make sure the website is working properly

- Allow our website to run additional features and apply personal settings

- Prevent errors and fraud

- Obtain information about your browsing habits

- Measure your use of the website

- Improve your browsing experience


Analytical cookies

You can disable these cookies.

- Improve the overall user experience

- See which pages are the most popular and generate statistics

- Assess the efficacy of our advertising campaigns

Advertising cookies

You can disable these cookies.

- Optimize the relevance of advertisements based on your profile and interests

  • Measure and track the frequency at which ads are displayed

- Limit how often an ad is displayed

- Measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

- Share collected information with third parties, such as advertisers and our partners



Can I decline cookies when browsing?

You can decline the personalization, profiling and identification functions on our websites by disabling cookies on your browser. A cookie management tool is also available in a notification window that appears as soon as you begin browsing the website. However, if you do not enable cookies, some pages of our website may not display properly and some features may not be available.


Use of web beacons

Web beacons are tiny images placed on our web pages to anonymously track the number of times a particular page has been visited by a website user. These beacons are invisible. Unlike cookies, web beacons are not stored on your computer.

Web beacons allow us to show you ads targeted to your interests by telling us which pages interest you.

Cookies and web beacons may contain personal information that could be used to identify you, such as the unique identifier required for retargeting. In other words, the personal information collected by beacons is used for behavioural advertising. Using a unique identifier for retargeting involves profiling.

When you click on one of these ads, we may also track the response rate for the advertising campaign.


Interactions with third-party websites may provide links to third-party websites or parts of third-party websites. Sollio has no control over the content and operation of these sites or their privacy practices.

Our advertising partners and other third parties may also install cookies or web beacons in connection with their advertising messages or links to their websites. Please note that this Policy does not apply to third-party websites or third-party advertising providers.

As a result, any personal information you submit through these third-party sites is subject to their privacy policies. It is therefore your responsibility to read their privacy policies in order to ensure that your personal information is protected.    


Third-party service providers and targeted advertising

We may also use services provided by third-party platforms (such as social networking platforms, search engines and other third-party websites) to display demographically targeted advertisements on these platforms to users of these platforms, based on user data collected by the operators of these platforms. In general, the ads you see on these platforms are governed by the privacy policy, terms of use and preference options provided by the provider of the platform in question.


Sharing your personal information with third parties

From time to time, we may share your personal information collected through the website with third-party service providers that we have contracted to perform services on our behalf, at our direction.

For more information on our practices regarding the sharing of personal information with third parties, please see “Sharing your personal information with third parties” below, under “General rules.”

I am a user of a Sollio website other than

When using any Sollio website other than to interact with us, please refer to the specific privacy policy governing that website, if applicable, which shall prevail over this Policy in the event of any discrepancy. If you have difficulty obtaining information about how we process your personal information, please contact the Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information, whose contact information is found below in the “Contact information” section and who will respond promptly to your inquiries.

Sollio may collect personal information on the websites in the list below, among others. This list is provided for informational purposes only and is not exhaustive.

CIP investment
Sollio boutique
Livestock Production –
Flamingo Foods

If you visit any other website not connected to Sollio, please refer to the privacy policy on that site and be advised that Sollio is not responsible for the processing of your information as collected by third parties.

I am a Sollio employee

We may obtain personal information about you because you are employed by Sollio or any of the employer entities wholly owned by Sollio. As an employee, please consult the Confidentiality Policy on Processing of Personal Information for Human Resources Purposes on your employer (Sollio Cooperative Group)’s intranet or ask for a copy of the policy from the Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information, whose contact information is found under "Contact information".

I am an employee of a Sollio subsidiary, partner or member cooperative

This section applies to you if you are employed by a Sollio network entity that is not Sollio itself (e.g. you are an employee of a Sollio member cooperative, a partnership or BMR). If so, it is your employer’s responsibility to obtain your consent (except in certain cases where Sollio has been specifically mandated to do so on your employer’s behalf). It is also your employer’s responsibility to put all the necessary measures in place to comply with legislation and regulations regarding the processing of your personal information. This is why, if Sollio collects your personal information directly from you or through your employer (at your employer’s request) as part of a service relationship between Sollio and your employer, Sollio asks that you refer to your employer’s privacy policy so that you can be aware of its privacy practices and the purposes for which your information is collected.

For example, Sollio could provide centralized human resources services for its member cooperatives, partners and subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “employers”). If so, the individual whose personal information is being collected should refer to their employer’s human resources privacy policy, which should indicate the purpose for which their personal information is being collected by Sollio, which has been mandated to do so. In addition, please refer to said policy to learn how this information is processed by the employer, including processing carried out by providers, such as Sollio, that are involved in processing it.

I am a customer, partner, member, administrator or any other person

Please refer to the “General rules” section of this Policy.

Please also refer to the specific privacy policies governing any of the websites of our subsidiaries or of persons connected to Sollio that you use to interact with us.

If you have any difficulty obtaining information about our processing of your personal information, please contact the Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information, whose contact information is provided below in the “Contact information” section and who will answer your questions.


We do not knowingly collect information from children or other persons under the age of 14. If you are a minor under the age of 14, please do not provide us with any personal information without the express consent of a parent or guardian. If Sollio must obtain personal information from an individual under the age of 14, we will contact the person’s parent or guardian to obtain consent.

Your rights with respect to your personal information

Your rights with respect to your Personal Information depend on the laws applicable to you, which are usually determined by where you live. Whether or not you can legally exercise your rights depends on the law and the circumstances, but we will do our best to help you wherever possible. To exercise your rights with respect to your personal information, please contact Sollio’s Person in Charge of the Protection of Personal Information using the contact information provided below under “Contact Information” in order to receive a form indicating the supporting information you must provide with your request to exercise your rights.