Press Releases | 25 August 2022

Sollio Cooperative Group reveals the winner of the 2021–2022 New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Award

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Press Releases | 17 August 2022

Springboard for Agricultural Youth: launch of program sowing the seeds of a brighter future

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Press Releases | 20 July 2022

Farm Groups and the Fertilizer Industry Call on Government to Support Farmers After Impact of Russian Tariffs

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Press Releases | 25 February 2022

Board composition and Executive Committee elections

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News | 24 February 2022

A 100th Annual General Meeting for Sollio Cooperative Group

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Press Releases | 24 February 2022

100th Annual General Meeting

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News | 23 February 2022

Looking to the future for Sollio Cooperative Group

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Corporate documents | 22 February 2022

Corporate and Cooperative Responsibility Report

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