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Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy, based on the integration of the ISO 14 001 standard, ensures that the practices implemented by the network are compatible with current environmental concerns and those of our stakeholders.

Commitment and ambitions

The cooperative is committed to a coordinated, structured and pragmatic approach. Sustainable development is also central to Sollio Cooperative Group’s new mission statement.


We have sought to align our approach with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations since December 2019. 

Continuous improvement

Our goals are achieved through continuous improvement measures at various stages of our value chain, including:

Our operations/activities

  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001 for the most at-risk facilities. Local EMS will help assess the combined environmental impact of our operations and identify proactive and preventive measures. EMS can also determine a suitable response in case of environmental incidents, thus reducing environmental and financial risks.
  • Improve energy efficiency in our facilities

Our suppliers and partners

  • Implement responsible sourcing policies
  • Collaborate with our partners to develop, test and refine innovative technological solutions to reduce environmental impact
  • Implement measures to preserve water and soil quality

Our retailers

  • Raise awareness among stakeholders about responsible use of products they put on the market

Governance, roles and responsibilities

In order to stay abreast of environmental performance and goals, Sollio Cooperative Group engages each of the cooperative’s governance pillars.


Sollio Cooperative Group’s Board of Directors oversees and defines sustainable development initiatives. The Board mandates the Audit Committee to ensure the application of this environmental policy as part of its three-year business plan and present its findings to the Board periodically. Additionally, the Board mandates the Sustainable Development and Environmental Compliance Committee to monitor environmental status developments within Sollio Cooperative Group.


The Environmental Services Department supports divisions in applying environmental management to their facilities. All employees of Sollio Cooperative Group are required to uphold the cooperative’s environmental commitments.

Compliance, performance monitoring and accountability

Sollio Cooperative Group implements measures and controls to ensure that all facilities across Canada covered by this policy are compliant with applicable laws, environmental regulations and other requirements. Each of our facilities is subject to an environmental compliance audit, and compliance is continuously monitored.


Measures for monitoring and improving our environmental performance:

  • Collect data on performance indicators
  • Establish quantifiable targets to help achieve the goals set out in our action plan
  • Assess compliance in our facilities on a regular basis
  • Identify the environmental impacts of our operations and take proactive steps to minimize them
  • Pay attention to the environmental risks entailed in our mergers/acquisitions


We have implemented various reporting processes to monitor our performance. Findings are regularly presented to the Board of Directors and Sollio Cooperative Group management, indicating any changes in the organization’s environmental performance as well as recommended risk management and improvement measures. Our environmental performance data and progress regarding our goals are also publicly reported in our annual corporate responsibility report.

Communications with stakeholders

Our cooperative integrates stakeholders’ expectations and concerns into all of its actions and goals. We take all necessary precautionary measures to mitigate environmental impacts that may result from our operations.

Education, training and information

We implement environmental management training and awareness programs for our employees, managers and directors. This ensures that the policy is implemented in day-to-day operations.

In keeping with our goals, we promote sound environmental practices in our industry and among our network, encouraging partners and peers to adopt them.

Policy scope and revision

This environmental policy applies to the parent entity, Sollio Cooperative Group, and constitutes the main text of reference for policies adopted by its divisions and subsidiaries, either wholly or partially owned. The policy is available to interested stakeholders upon request and can be found on the Sollio Cooperative Group website. It is also displayed in all the establishments it concerns.

Sollio Cooperative Group undertakes to review this policy on a regular basis and make any necessary changes that reflect the cooperative’s sustainable development priorities and commitments, as well as the priority expectations of its stakeholders.

Cooperation is more than our business model, it is a development model for the future and a way of life.
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Sollio Cooperative Group is a resolutely forward-looking organization.