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About us


Rooted in the regions and leveraging our collective strengths, we contribute to feeding people and bringing prosperity to farming families while ensuring that the world has a sustainable future.

2025 Vision

Be recognized as the reference point for our Canadian retail sales sectors,  the North American agricultural sector and internationally in the agri-food sector.

We are Sollio, a cooperative group created by and for farmers. Although times may change, our DNA has stayed the same. That DNA is built on solidarity, caring, optimism and courage.

Passionate farmers

Our farmers have been fuelling our ambition for almost a hundred years. They strive every day to provide food to the people of Quebec and the world.

That’s why over the years, La Coop fédérée—now Sollio Cooperative Group—has integrated a supply network of products and services that are useful to and managed by our farmers. This allows them to get involved in the democratic process, giving them a real say about their future and ours.

Informed consumers

Our consumers are increasingly eager to eat local, high-quality products. Eating local is important to today’s consumers. Our members and employees work hard to meet their needs.

Although agriculture is an important economic activity, it is first and foremost a deeply human activity with a rich history of women and men who, from one generation to the next, continually ensure that their fellow citizens have access to high-quality products that meet the highest standards of food biosecurity.

Our cooperative values


Everyone acts with a constant concern for transparency, both within the company and in its relationships with member cooperatives and other stakeholders. Everyone demonstrates their ability to admit their mistakes, gives credit where it is due and seeks to avoid conflicts of interest.


Every person, like every working group, treats their partners fairly and equitably. We believe that everyone deserves to find their place in our wider network, to be appreciated and to progress within the network.


Everyone takes full responsibility for their role within Sollio Groupe Coopératif, specifically by ensuring sound governance of members’ shared heritage, making sure to fully meet individual commitments as well as mutual and shared commitments, ensuring accountability for actions, and adhering to the sustainable development goals.


Inspired by a spirit of mutual assistance, we offer shared advice on how to achieve goals and complete common projects. We work together in an open and consistent way and endorse decisions affecting the common good of the company.

Proud winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

This distinction under Deloitte's highlights the strength of our efficient, innovative and responsible business model.
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Frequently asked questions

Throughout the year, Sollio Cooperative Group organizes several meetings for its members, on top of the mandatory annual general meeting. Here are a few of our annual events:

  • Network Presidents’ Forum
  • Semi-annual meeting
  • Colloque des coopératrices
  • President’s Tour

The cooperative principle of democracy requires that in second-level cooperatives (the federation of cooperatives), the “one member, one vote” rule cannot be applied since members are cooperative businesses that have their own variously sized groups of members. Therefore, a core democratic mechanism needs to be implemented. At Sollio Cooperative Group, the number of delegates to which each cooperative is entitled is calculated according to the number of members in the cooperative and the revenue it has generated with Sollio Cooperative Group.

The UPA is a trade union that represents Quebec’s farmers. Our network is a collection of cooperative businesses that are owned and operated by farmers. As such, members of the network are also members of the UPA.

No, members of an agricultural cooperative do not have to be farmers, provided that the cooperative’s regulations provide for auxiliary members.

A new name. A new us.

On the dawn of our 100th anniversary, La Coop fédérée is now Sollio Cooperative Group

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