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News | 06 December 2017

New digital features for our agricultural producers

December 6, 2017 - The Agri-business Division of La Coop fédérée recently launched the second phase of its Digital Program, with the aim of offering innovative solutions to Canadian agricultural producers in order to optimize their investments and simplify the management of their farms. In June, after the first successful delivery of an online platform for farm management, a series of new features have been added to the online portal.

A few features of the platform
The second phase of the program includes enhancements to existing tools, as well as new features for sales representatives that will simplify exchanges and improve the experience between producers and representatives.

  • Optimized Document Management: The Document Management feature now allows cooperatives and retailers to upload, categorize and share any type of document with producers in the Connected portal. Once the document is uploaded to the portal, a notification is sent to producers via their medium of choice, either by email or text message.

  • Online Order Form: Sales representatives in the crop sector will now be able to order seeds, crop protection products, and custom work through an online interface. They will also have access to up-to-date product inventories. The online order form will also be available in offline mode (without Internet), simplifying the ordering process.

  • Order Desk Tool: The platform for renewing orders has been improved along with several other notification upgrades. In addition to independent content management, co-ops and retailers will be able to track dairy farmers' order renewals through integrated SMS and an email notification platform.

  • Support and marketing tools: the first module allows retailers to view a producer’s screen in real time to facilitate remote support (diagnostic, etc.), while the second allows the producer to be supported in the navigation of the portal by providing relevant information, for example a guided tour of the platform, pop-ups to display new features or tips and tricks that are activated when the cursor is passed over them.

A 360-degree initiative: The Internet of Things
The online platform for agricultural producers is certainly at the center of the Digital Program, and the most visible tool to date, but the digitalization team is also leading many other projects related to this platform so that it is as efficient as possible in its goal of simplifying life for farmers. One of these projects is to develop different sensors to measure a variety of elements (solid, liquid, temperature, etc.), whether for feed bins or any other agricultural installation or equipment, in order to inform retailers of real time feed levels (or other products) so that producers can be supplied without the farmer having to submit an order.

The Digitalization Program
The Agri-Business Division's Digital Program is the result of strategic thinking that translates concretely into a modern digital foundation that will gradually incorporate features and tools. The project uses a responsive method to launch digital features and tools in a succession of deliveries.

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