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Press Releases | 25 May 2017

Groupe BMR wins the 2017 Mercuriades

Boucherville, April 25, 2017 – It is with great pride that Groupe BMR, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, announces winning the highly sought-after Company of the Year Award (large-scale organization) as well as the Improvement of ProductivityAward during the 2017 edition of the Les Mercuriades business contest.

This award acknowledges the outstanding work that was accomplished by Groupe BMR in order to serve two times more dealers after the acquisition of Groupe BMR by La Coop fédérée in 2015.

“To be recognized for improving the quality of our service to dealers means a lot to us because our dealers are the foundation of our organization. We are extremely proud of this award because it is a testament to our ability to develop innovative strategies that will allow us to maintain our position as leaders in the home improvement industry in Québec”, said Pascal Houle, CEO of Groupe BMR

A unique strategy implemented in record time
“Going from 170 dealers to more than 325 puts considerable stress on the operating systems and logistics of an organization. The unique strategy we developed to address it, which was implemented in the record time of only four months, met our dealers’ needs and made sure they were in the best position to provide their customers with outstanding service”, said Sylvie Tardif, Vice-President Operations and Logistics. “Improving our processes also led to considerable cost reductions, which placed Groupe BMR in a strong position to keep growing and perform well in a highly competitive market.”

50 years of building our communities together
For Groupe BMR, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, these awards confirm that the company remains a reference and a key player in the home improvement industry after all these years. “I think that the six founding members would be proud of how far we’ve come, but most of all, I think they would be proud to see that the network they created keeps growing and is stronger than ever”, said Pascal Houle.

About Groupe BMR inc.
Groupe BMR inc. is an affiliate of La Coop fédérée that regroups 300 home renovation centers and hardware stores in Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the Saint-Pierre et Miquelon islands. Annual retail sales for Groupe BMR inc. members are estimated at $1.2 billion and some 8,000 employees work in bannered stores. Groupe BMR inc. is the largest Québec-owned player in the home renovation industry and operates under the BMR, Unimat, Potvin & Bouchard and Agrizone banners. Founded in 1967, Groupe BMR celebrates its 50th anniversary this year!


Media contact:
Stéphanie Couturier
Communications Director at Groupe BMR | 514-217-8503

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