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Press Releases | 02 March 2020

The 98th Annual General Meeting of Sollio Cooperative Group

Board of Directors Composition and Election of the Executive Committee


Montreal, March 2nd, 2020 As part of its 98th annual general meeting at the Centre Sheraton Montreal last week, Sollio Cooperative Group brought its board of directors together in order to elect its executive committee.


The committee members are:


President: Ghislain Gervais

1st Vice President: Muriel Dubois

2nd Vice President: Mathieu Couture

1st Officer: Richard Ferland

2nd Officer: Marc-André Roy


Welcome to two new directors

Mr. Ghislain Gervais welcomes two directors, Mr. Normand Lapointe, director at Nutrinor Coopérative and Mr. François R. Roy who will act as guest director. Mr. Lapointe will represent Area 4, replacing Mr. Gaétan Brassard, while Mr. Roy will fill a position left vacant following the departure of Mr. Robert Dutton last year.


"I would like to congratulate and welcome our two new directors, Normand Lapointe and François R. Roy, who were elected by our members. I thank them for participating in our democratic process and for their interest in actively participating in the good governance of our organization. I would also like to thank my colleagues for their renewed confidence as President of Sollio Cooperative Group," said President Gervais.


"It is with a great appreciation that we salute the work and commitment of Mr. Jean-François and Mr. Gaétan Brassard. They will have carried out their role with dedication and professionalism. Being an agricultural producer, a director of their local cooperatove and director of our organization is demanding. But this commitment is important to enable us to fully accomplish our mission. I thank them for their contribution," added President Gislain Gervais.   


The board of directors is as follows:


Area 1: Messrs. Richard Ferland, Adrien Pitre and Patrick Soucy

Area 2: Messrs. Mathieu Couture, Marc-André Roy and Jean-Philippe Côté

Area 3: Mr. Ghislain Gervais, Mrs. Muriel Dubois and Mr. Jean Bissonette

Area 4: Messrs. Normand Lapointe, Benoit Massicotte, François Drainville and David Mercier

Area 5: Mr. Réjean Vermette

Area 6: Mrs. Cathy Fraser

Guest director: Mr. François R. Roy



Two new officers join Sollio Cooperative Group

Two historic appointments came into effect on February 28. First, Josée Létourneau has been appointed as Secretary General of Sollio Cooperative Group. Ms. Létourneau is the first woman to become an officer of the organization. In her 22 years at Sollio Cooperative Group, she held positions as Legal Counsel, Director of Litigation and Executive Director of Legal Affairs, before being appointed Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs in 2016. She will continue in her current role in charge of Legal Affairs in addition to her new appointment.


Secondly, Alexandre St-Jacques has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer. He his the youngest officer to be appointed in the organization with nearly 13 years of experience at Sollio Cooperative Group where he was successively Director of Fiancial Risk Management, Senior Director of Risk Financial Markets and, since August 2016, Vice-President Finance for Sollio Agriculture.


The two new officers take over for Mr. Paul Noiseux, former Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Jean-François Harel, outgoing Secretary General, who have worked at Sollio Cooperative Group for more than 30 years. The contribution of these two new retirees will have profoundly marked the history of Sollio Cooperative Group and all the members of our great cooperative take this opportunity to thank them.


The 2019 annual report is available on the organization's website. It contains the Management Discussion and Analysis and the consolidated financial statements, as well as the results for each of the business divisions.


About Sollio Cooperative Group

Founded in 1922, Sollio Cooperative Group is one of the largest agri-food enterprises in Quebec, the only pan-Canadian agricultural supply cooperative and the 27th largest agri-food cooperative in the world. It represents more than 122,000 members, agricultural producers and consumers in 50 traditional agricultural and consumer cooperatives across several Canada provinces. It employs more than 15,000 people and has sales of $7.282 billion. Its activities are divided into three divisions: Olymel L.P., Sollio Agriculture and Groupe BMR Inc. For more information about Sollio Cooperative Group, please 



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Source : Sollio Group Cooperative Group



Hugo Larouche, Senior Communications and Public Affairs Advisor

Sollio Cooperative Group | 514 384 6450, poste 3604 |



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