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Together, let’s set the table for tomorrow.

Cooperation is more than our business model, it is the way we envision our development and our future.

We produce here. We transform here. We have been participating in the local economy for 100 years.

From all of us…

let’s keep helping each other.  

We are proud to lend a helping hand to food banks all across Québec.  

grow local purchases.  

We provide healthy, tasteful and nutritious quality food. 

feed the economy.  

We play a major role in the prosperity of the regions across Québec as a driving economic and social force.  

Tomorrow will be sustainable.


We are Sollio Cooperative Group, the largest cooperative in the agricultural sector in Canada whose roots are in Quebec.





123 250

membres producteurs agricoles et consommateurs

22 000


Notre engagement
Nos initiatives communautaires misent sur le bien-être des gens et le développement de notre société.
Notre histoire
Sollio Groupe Coopératif est une organisation résolument tournée vers l’avenir.
100 years of cooperation