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Farm transfer and establishment prize

The Sollio Cooperative Group New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Awards showcases families and entrepreneurs that have successfully handed over their farms or started an agriculture or agri-food business


Grand prize winner 

Farm Succession  

  • Young farmers: $5 000 in credit at Unimat, BMR or Sollio agriculture affiliated farm input retailer

  • Previous generation: $3 000 in travel credit


New Farm Enterprise 

  • $5,000 in credit at Unimat, BMR or Sollio agriculture affiliated farm input retailer



  • $2,000 in credit a Unimat, BMR or Sollio agriculture affiliated farm input retailer


To be eligible for the Sollio Cooperative Group New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Awards, applicants must:

Be a member and client of a cooperative in the network of cooperatives or be a client of a Sollio Agriculture joint venture, either an Agromart retailer or an Agrico retailer for Ontario participants.

  • Be 40 years of age or older at time of participation.
  • For the New Farm Enterprise category, be established for at least 10 years.
  • Be recommended by the cooperative’s Board of Directors and have a letter signed by its Chair, or by the retailer’s president or general manager for Ontario participants.
  • Hold at least 20% of shares, with a maximum of 10 years before contest participation in the case of a farm succession.

Recommendation : The New Farm Enterprise team or the Farm Succession team must be recommended by the cooperative’s board of directors and by a letter of recommendation signed by the president or, in the case of Ontario participants, by the president or general manager of the retailer.


Participation takes place in three steps:


Step 1: Application package


  • Participants must include a reference letter from their cooperative’s Board of Directors in their application package. The letter should state the reasons why the company deserves to win the contest. The jury’s evaluation will take into account the quality of the content. For Ontario participants, the letter must be signed by the retailer’s  president or  general manager.  

  • The application deadline is June 5, 2020 and July 1, 2020 for Ontario participants.


Step 2: Semi-finalists


  • A jury will confidentially review applications and select finalists for onsite interviews.

  • Next, the semi-finalists will undergo a technical-economic assessment and must submit copies of their shareholders’ agreements and financial statements for the past two years. 


Step 3: Finalists


  • A reporter and a videographer will visit the finalists to produce short videos and articles for the Coopérateur magazine. 

  • Finalists will be selected by the jury. These finalists will be invited to Sollio Cooperative Group’s annual general meeting banquet in February 2021 in Québec City. For finalists in the Ontario component, only the winner will be invited to the banquet. 



Encouraging succession for 18 years

Getting involved in the world of agriculture can be done in different ways. However, two modes stand out from all others: farm transfers and starting up an agricultural or agri-food enterprise. For 18 years now, the Sollio Cooperative Group New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Awards as aimed to highlight and promote families and enterprises that have successfully performed a farm transfer through planning. The rules of the contest were revised in 2014 and producers who start up an enterprise now have the chance to participate as well. In 2020, the contest also allows Ontario producers to participate in the contest on the same terms.

Planning the future

The transfer of a farming operation is a process that takes time and needs one to step back from the daily requirements of management. Beyond the financial, fiscal and legal questions, a farm transfer from one generation to another, or even between those not related to one another, raises emotional issues that have nothing to do with daily decision-making. Starting up a farming operation also represents a big challenge. A lot of time must be invested to successfully pull off this type of project.

Planning is a key element in the success of a farm transfer or in starting up an enterprise to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the farm.

You are already all winners for having completed a planned farm transfer or establishing an agriculture or agri-food enterprise. By participating in the contest for Sollio Cooperative Group New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Awards, you have the chance to show off your farm transfer or the establishment of your enterprise, and who knows, maybe yours could be the winning enterprise that, in the coming year, will serve as a model for other producers in Quebec and Ontario.

Good luck!

Ghislain Gervais
Sollio Cooperative Group



The evaluation of the candidates for the Sollio Cooperative Group New Farm Enterprise and Farm Succession Award will be divided into three distinct steps:  

    1. A careful evaluation of the candidate’s file completed by participants. 

    2. A half-day meeting and farm visit of the more or less than 5 semi-finalists to confirm certain elements from the candidate’s file. 

    3. The analysis of the candidate will consider financial and relational aspects for the farm transfer. 

The jury will evaluate each one based on the following criteria: 

1 - Candidate's file 

  •  Letter of recommendation from the president of the cooperative or from by the president or general manager of the retailer for Ontario participants 
  •  Completed form on the website 
  •  Technical-economic documents


2 - Business performance based on indicators


3 - Quality of planning and transfer

  •  Training of young farmer 
  •  Community involvement 
  •  Description of the steps for the farm transfer 
  •  Discussion with previous generation 
  •  Relationship climate 
  • A share of the equity amongst family members 
  •  Optimal use of advisory services from the cooperative or others 


4 - Sustainability of the enterprise

Actions taken to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise based on the plans: 

  • Financial 
  • Legal 
  • Technical and technological 
  • Human 
  • Organizational 


2019–2020 Edition

Farm Transfer category

Big winner:
Ferme Belflamme Inc., member of Avantis Coopérative, owned by Simon Laflamme and Emmanuelle Vincent and located in St-Anselme in Chaudières-Appalaches. Its sole operation is dairy production, producing 72 kg of milk fat daily!

Watch the video


Ferme R&H Blanchard, member of La Coop Unifrontières, owned by Lydie Blanchard and located in Embrun, Ontario. Primarily a dairy farm, it produces 157.5 kg of milk fat per day.

Watch the video


Establishment category

Big winner:
Ferme Hardlook Inc., member of La Coop Agrilait, owned by Philippe Beauregardis and located in Saint-Gérard-Majella. The farm’s operations involve dairy production (90%)—36.3 kg milk quota—and animal sales (10%).

Watch the video

Ferme Dave Tourigny, member of La Coop Agrilait and La Coop VIVACO, owned by Dave Tourigny and Sophie Leblanc and located in St-Germain-de-Grantham in the RCM of Drummond. The farm operates in dairy production (85%) with a quota of 61.83 kg of milk, and in animal sales (15%). 

Watch the video


2018–2019 Edition

Farm Transfer category

Big winner:
Ferme LCM Quesnel, member of La Coop Unifrontières, located in Moose Creek, Ontario. The farm specializes in dairy (90%) and grain (10%) production. It has 88 dairy cows and 450 hectares in production. 

Watch the video

Ferme Pomerleau et frères, member of Vivaco groupe coopératif, located in Inverness. It has diversified operations in pork, bovine, maple syrup and grain production.  

Watch the video

Establishment category

Big winner:
Ferme Réso, member of La Coop Comax, located in Saint-Dominique. The farm cultivates 250 hectares, with its primary production involving corn, soybean and wheat.

Watch the video

Ferme Petite-Anse, member of La Coop Avantis, located in Rivière-Ouelle. Produces goat milk and grain while also specializing in eel fishing.

Watch the video


2017-2018 Edition
Farm Transfer category:

Winner : Ferme Racine

Ferme Racine, member of the Coop Unifrontières is located in Casselman, Ontario. It produces 160 kg of milk quota annually. This passionate agricultural family had to overcome several hardships.
Watch the video

Finalist :
Ferme Valérien Cyr et fils, a member of Avantis Coopérative is located in Saint-Elzéar and specializes into dairy, maple, and cereal production.
Watch the video

Establishment category:

Winner : Ferme Jalie

Ferme Jalie, member of La Coop Novago is located in Sainte-Élisabeth. Jacques Bérard owns the farm and is also an expert advisor of the La Coop network.
Watch the video

Finalist :
Aux Fruits de la Colline enterprise, member of Avantis Coopérative is located in Sainte-Marie and works in the fruits and vegetables production.
Watch the video

2016-2017 Edition
Winner  : Ferme Olofée

Ferme Olofée, member of Nutrinor Coopérative is located in Saint-Félicien, has distinguished itself for the human and ambitious way of developing its enterprise.  
Watch the vidéo

Finalist: Ferme Normand Brillant et fils

Ferme Normand Brillant et fils, member of La Coop Purdel is located in Saint-Fabien has distinguished itself for their family values. Indeed, Denis and Réjean Brillant did transfer their family enterprise to 4 of their sons.
Watch the video

Finalist: Ferme P.Q.

La Ferme P.Q., member of Avantis Coopérativelocated in Saint-Agapit, is specialized in the pork production for the La Coop Seigneurie. Richard Camiré and Sylvie Payeur are proud that their son Pierre-Luc is managing their farm. 
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2015-2016 Edition
Winner  : Ferme Amico 

Ferme Amico, member of Avantis Coopérative is located in Lévis. It works in the poultry sector and continues to grow year after year.
Watch the video

Finalist: Ferme Groupe Lieutenant 

Ferme Lieutenant, member of La Coop Novago, located in Stoke, is a dairy farm with 350 cows and 800 hectares of land.
Watch the video

Finalist: Ferme Préross 

Ferme Préross, member of La Coop Purdel, located in Saint-Luce, is a dairy farm that has 59 hectares and 5.6 kg of quota, filled with cross cows.
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2014-2015 Edition
Winner :  Ferme Galarneau

Ferme Galarneau, member of La Coop Novago, located in Abitibi, is characterized by their altruism towards each other, their honesty and their love for their way of life.
Watch the video

Finalist: Ferme Figali

Ferme Figali, member of La Coop Agricar, located in the Cacouna region, has distinguished itself for the smooth and harmonious manner in which it accomplished the transfer between family members. The family spirit shows through in the form of superb intergenerational solidarity.
Watch the video

Finalist: Ferme GM Benoit

The family at Ferme GM Benoit, member of La Coop Covilac, located in the Drummondville region, has distinguished themselves by their incredible talent for management, the fairness amongst brothers and sisters, and their desire to perpetuate their lifestyle.
Watch the video

2012-2013 Edition

Video : 

- R&M Hallé 
- Ferme Pariso 
- Ferme Germec

2011-2012 Edition

Video : 

- Ferme des Papinas 
- Rojotal inc. 
- Ferme « Virage » inc.

2010-2011 Edition

Video : 

- Ferme Dion-Ouellet 
- Ferme S.M. Perreault 
- Ferme Darnoc Holstein