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Press Releases | 18 April 2018

La Coop fédérée welcomes the new bio-food policy

New Quebec Bio-Food Policy

Montreal, April 6th, 2018 – La Coop fédérée welcomes the Quebec government’s new bio-food policy, announced today by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Laurent Lessard.

“With regards to vision and strategic objectives, the bio-food policy demonstrates a willingness to work with the sector to take on challenges in the bio-food industry. Those challenges were raised by La Coop fédérée during the numerous consultations held in previous years”, said the President of La Coop fédérée, Ghislain Gervais. “Moreover, the inclusion of additional amounts intended for the bio-food policy announced in the last provincial budget shows a willingness to make it a reality”.

A tremendous diversification
The bio-food sector, ranging from processing to distribution, food services and production in farming operations, is diversifying itself at a steady pace, which is in line with consumer expectations.

Today, our challenge is to meet these expectations while preserving the basic elements that currently make the bio-food sector in Quebec a success. On this issue, the new bio-food policy recognizes the importance of maintaining a collective approach as well as the emergence of multiple value chains to meet the various consumer needs.

“Farming is a human activity that requires coherence to prosper and develop in a responsible manner. For nearly 100 years, the cooperative movement has been contributing to the development and success of the Quebec bio-food sector. As leader in this industry, La Coop fédérée intends to continue its important work in terms of supplying and marketing agricultural products, land development, manpower, succession, innovation, research and development and to contribute to reaching the objectives stated in the new bio-food policy” said the President, Mr. Ghislain Gervais.

The new bio-food policy opens new promising horizons with regard to the expectations of the various stakeholders of the sector.

In addition, La Coop fédérée hopes that the debates surrounding the new bio-food policy go beyond the scope of the upcoming provincial elections. For it to be durable, all of the Quebec political parties should adopt the orientations contained in this policy, which is the result of numerous previous consultations, and commit to its implementation.

“The new policy represents a step in the right direction. The importance of the Quebec bio-food industry, which contributes 25.4 billion dollars to the Quebec economy and generates more than 500,000 jobs, most certainly deserves the attention the government is giving it today”, concluded Ghislain Gervais.

About La Coop fédérée
Founded in 1922, La Coop fédérée is the largest agri-food enterprise in Quebec and it is the 24th largest agri-food cooperative in the world. It represents more than 120,000 members, members, agricultural producers and consumers grouped into nearly 70 cooperatives with operations spread out in many Canadian provinces. More than 13,000 people are employed at La Coop which has annual revenues of $6.3 billion. Including its affiliated network, La Coop fédérée has nearly 18,000 employees and consolidated revenue of $9.2 billion. Its activities are separated into three Divisions: Olymel S.E.C (under the Olymel, Flamingo and Lafleur banners), the Agri-business division (under the La Coop, Elite, Agrocentre Agrico and Agromart banners), and Groupe BMR under the BMR, Unimat, Agrizone and Potvin & Bouchard banners). For further information, visit Twitter account :


Ben Marc Diendéré
Senior Vice-President, Communications, Public Affairs and Brand Image
La Coop fédérée

Media contact:
Nicolas Poirier-Quesnel
Senior Director, Communications and Public Affairs
La Coop fédérée
+1514 858 2020

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