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| 05 November 2018


La Vinaigrerie du Capitaine

“For 12 years, we have continued the tradition,” says France Gagnon, co-owner of the Ferme du Capitaine. Well established in the area and with great concern for the health aspect of its products, the business has about twenty blackcurrant products and other berry-based vinegars that are aged in cellars and certified organic. “We prefer everything local, starting with our blackcurrants, but we also support nearby producers when we need to, such as when we need organic maple syrup to make a vinegar. Everything we make is authentic.” The farm and vinegar house is nestled in the maritime village of Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans. It is located in the middle of organic blackcurrant fields, a true feast for the eyes. It is also possible to visit and stock up on products.

The Vinaigrerie du Capitaine

The Ferme du Capitaine is a member of La Coop Unicoop.

In collaboration with Le MUST magazine.

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