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Press Releases | 26 February 2021

Composition of the Board of Directors and election of the Executive Committee

99th Annual General Meeting of Sollio Cooperative Group

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Bromont, February 26, 2021 - As part of its 99th Annual General Meeting, which took place virtually yesterday and was attended by more than 219 delegates, Sollio Cooperative Group held its Board of Directors meeting. This session made it possible to proceed with the election of the members of the Executive Committee, to highlight the commitment and contribution of two outgoing members and to welcome a new administrator.


The composition of the committee is as follows:

Chairman: Mr. Ghislain Gervais

1st Vice-President: Ms. Muriel Dubois

2nd Vice-President: Mr. Mathieu Couture

Seat number 1: Mr. Richard Ferland

Seat number 2: Mr. Marc-André Roy


Welcome to a new administrator

Mr. Ghislain Gervais welcomes a new administrator, Ms. Sophie Gendron, administrator at Avantis cooperative, who will represent sector 6. Co-owner for 21 years of Ferme Lénique Inc. with her husband and brother-in-law, Ms. Gendron is a graduate in zootechnology from the ITA and brings with her four years of experience as a director of an agricultural cooperative.

"I would like to offer my congratulations and welcome our new administrator, Ms. Sophie Gendron, who was elected by our members. I thank her for participating in our democratic process and for her interest in taking an active part in the good governance of our organization. I would also like to thank my colleagues for their renewed faith in me as President of Sollio Cooperative Group," said Mr. Gervais


Outstanding dedication

"I would also like to express my sincere gratitude and applaud the work and commitment of Benoit Massicotte and François Drainville. They have carried out their role with dedication and professionalism. Being an agricultural producer, a director of their local cooperative and a director of our organization is demanding. But this commitment is important to enable us to fully carry out our mission. I thank them for their contribution," added President Ghislain Gervais.


A governance structure in line with new needs

The structure of Sollio Cooperative Group and its networks has evolved significantly over the last five years and this continuous transformation has led to the adaptation of its governance structure. This transition, which began a few years ago, was necessary, in particular because of the major project Vision 2020, now called Vision (more). Initiated in the previous years, this transition to the new board election structure agreed upon by the members was concluded this year.


The composition of the Board of Directors for 2021-2022 is as follows:

Sector 1: Mr. Richard Ferland, Mr. Adrien Pitre and Mr. Patrick Soucy

Sector 2: Mr. Mathieu Couture, Mr. Marc-André Roy and Mr. Jean-Philippe Côté

Sector 3: Mr. Ghislain Gervais, Mrs. Muriel Dubois and Mr. Jean Bissonnette

Sector 4: Mr. Normand Lapointe, Mr. David Mercier and Ms. Cathy Fraser

Sector 5: Mr. Réjean Vermette

Sector 6: Mrs Sophie Gendron External administrator: Mr. François R. Roy


The 2020 Annual Report as well as the Corporate Responsibility Report of Sollio Cooperative Group are available on the organisation's website. These reports include the management report, the consolidated financial statements as well as the results of each of the company's divisions, the results and the overall corporate responsibility action plan of Sollio Cooperative Group.



About Sollio Cooperative Group

We are Sollio Cooperative Group, Canada's largest agricultural cooperative with roots in Quebec. Since 1922, cultivating, raising, producing, transforming and building the economy of tomorrow are daily gestures that are part of the DNA of our 16,150 employees and the 7,000 workers of our affiliated cooperatives. With more than 123,000 members, agricultural producers and consumers grouped into 48 traditional agricultural and consumer cooperatives as well as two sections, one grouping Olymel's supplier pork producers and the other grouping independent BMR hardware dealers, Sollio Cooperative Group contributes to feeding people by ensuring the prosperity of farm families to ensure a sustainable future for the world. Through its three divisions - Sollio Agriculture, Olymel L.P. and Groupe BMR inc. - Sollio Cooperative Group proudly acts as a driving force for economic and social development rooted in the regions, generating $8.2 billion in sales (more than $11 billion including affiliated cooperatives). Our cooperative values are based on honesty, equity, responsibility and solidarity. Resolutely forward-looking, Sollio Cooperative Group adheres to the principles of sustainable development. By 2025, Sollio Cooperative Group wants to be recognized as a leading player in its sectors of retail sales in Canada, the North American agricultural sector, and the agri-food sector internationally. For more information, visit

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