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Press Releases | 19 March 2021

Sollio Cooperative Group supports Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS)

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Montreal, March 18, 2021— Sollio Cooperative Group is pleased by the announcement of the new Agricultural Climate Solutions program by Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, which is aimed at encouraging agricultural entrepreneurs to adopt better environmental practices. By making them central to the process and by calling for collaboration, a core value for the cooperative model, the recommended approach should prove to be especially promising in meeting the challenge of climate resilience.

“It is often said that agricultural entrepreneurs are borrowing the land they farm from future generations, and this is especially true when it comes to climate change. So, from day to day, they make sure they are making the best use of the resources they have and are constantly looking for ways to do so. The sharing of information, in particular with the researchers at our experimental farm in Ste-Rosalie or the agronomists in our cooperatives, will enable us to develop the agriculture of tomorrow. This is why the Government of Canada can count on the desire of Sollio Cooperative Group and its network to take part in the living laboratories of the Agricultural Climate Solutions program,” says Ghislain Gervais, the Group’s President.

Our agricultural division, Sollio Agriculture, responds to the needs of consumers and producers by investing in research and knowledge transfer. The numerous innovations and knowledge shared over the years by the agronomists in its network with the producers in its cooperatives can serve to advance all types of agriculture across the country.

Lastly, the strain on supply chains over the past year has highlighted the importance of ensuring food self-sufficiency. Sollio Cooperative Group's divisions and its cooperatives have adapted their operations to maintain the integrity of their supply chains for the benefit of local consumers and those in foreign markets. They are also working to meet the challenges presented by climate change to support the economic development of the regions and our agricultural entrepreneurs, as well as the country's food autonomy and agri-food exports.


About Sollio Cooperative Group 

We are Sollio Cooperative Group, Canada's largest agricultural cooperative with roots in Quebec. Since 1922, cultivating, raising, producing, transforming and building the economy of tomorrow are daily gestures that are part of the DNA of our 16,150 employees and the 7,000 workers of our affiliated cooperatives. With more than 123,000 members, agricultural producers and consumers grouped into 48 traditional agricultural and consumer cooperatives as well as two sections, one grouping Olymel's supplier pork producers and the other grouping independent BMR hardware dealers, Sollio Cooperative Group contributes to feeding people by ensuring the prosperity of farm families to ensure a sustainable future for the world.

Through its three divisions—Sollio Agriculture, Olymel L.P. and Groupe BMR inc.—Sollio Cooperative Group proudly acts as a driving force for economic and social development rooted in the regions, generating $8.2 billion in sales (more than $11 billion including affiliated cooperatives). Our cooperative values are based on honesty, equity, responsibility and solidarity. Resolutely forward-looking, Sollio Cooperative Group adheres to the principles of sustainable development. By 2025, Sollio Cooperative Group wants to be recognized as a leading player in its sectors of retail sales in Canada, the North American agricultural sector, and the agri-food sector internationally.

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